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Hot Stones Massage


      Hot stones massage uses heated stones on certain points of your body or as part of the massage. The heat from the stone can further relax and loosen tight muscles, resulting in a more effective massage.



Benefits of Hot Stones Massage


  • Eases the symptoms and pain of autoimmune diseases – In one study, a hot stone massage helped patients with fibromyalgia sleep better and deal with less pain than those who did not undergo a massage. A similar study found that massage also benefits patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Improved sleep – Massage has been used as a possible alternative to sleeping medication, encouraging relaxation and deeper rest.
  • May boost immunity.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress – The American Massage Therapy Association reports that massage can cut down stress, and studies support this. Massage improves circulation and helps with recovery after some types of surgery.
  • Relief of pain and tension in muscles – The heat from the hot stones helps stimulate blood flow to the muscles, improving flexibility and motion and decreasing muscle spasms.
  • May help decrease cancer symptoms– Another study indicated that massage, possibly from the comfort of human touch, alleviated many cancer symptoms, including depression, nausea, stress, fatigue and pain.


  You might need a hot stone massage if you have any type of stress, muscle tension, difficulty sleeping or pain.


    Do not get a hot stone massage if you have any of the following conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. Do not get a hot stone massage if you are sunburned, pregnant or taking blood-thinning medications.


Preparation : Do not eat at least one hour before the massage if possible. It is best to shower before the massage.

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